Sunday, June 1, 2008

Made to Stick: Why Some Ideas Survive and Others Die

Are you a sales person, professional trainer, fund raiser or a public speaker? Do you find it difficult to plant your ideas in people's mind? Are you looking for effective ways to share your thoughts with others? This is the book to read.

The book explains 6 principles that make ideas to stick - Simplicity, Unexpectedness, Credibility, Concreteness, Emotions & Stories (SUCCESs).

Key takeaways from the book are :

  1. Six principles that make ideas stick - simplicity, unexpectedness, credibility, emotions, concreteness and stories
  2. Naturally sticky ideas are full of concrete images - because our brains are wired to remember visuals
  3. Research shows that mentally rehearsing a situation helps us perform better when we encountered that situation in the physical environment
  4. Common sense is the enemy of sticky messages. When messages sound like common sense, they float gently in one ear and out the other
  5. To get the facts, you tracked down the 5 Ws - Who, What, When, Why and Where
  6. Abstractness makes it harder to understand an idea and remember it. Concreteness helps us to avoid these problems. 

When reading this book, you'll feel many a times "Ahaa... this is what I've been missing all these days". If you review some of the memorable speeches you've heard, you'll realize that these STICKY factors are present in them.

This book gives you techniques that you can use in your next speech or presentation.

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