Sunday, March 2, 2008

Starting with NO by Jim Camp

Jim Camp provides a contrarian view of doing negotiations. "Starting with NO" is an interesting read from the beginning till the end. The author teaches you a number of effective ways to do negotiations.

Key takeaways from the book are:

  1. There is nothing called “win-win” in negotiations
  2. “NO” is a decision. An early “Yes”is probably a trick. “Maybe” gets you nowhere
  3. "Win-Win" is often "Win-Lose" because it invites unnecessary compromise. It is emotion based and not decision based
  4. Greatest weakness in negotiation is the "dangers of neediness"
  5. Fear of rejection is a sign of neediness
  6. Cold-Calling is the worst way to do business. But, it is a great training ground for negotiation because your neediness is under control
  7. We feel OK in the presence of inferior people and we feel not OK in the presence of superiors
  8. Saying NO, inviting NO, hearing NO - these are powerful tools for any well trained negotiator
  9. Never save the adversary, but save the relationship. Otherwise, you'll be responsible for their decisions. 

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